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JW Celebrity 1-001

You like whisky, we like whisky...however, we realize there are writers who are far better at walking you through the world of whisky. To give you a better understanding of the different types of whisky, what goes into the process of making it, the different regions and types of whisky from those regions, and the immense depth that is whisky history, we'll not claim any of the knowledge originates from us, but instead we'll give credit to the original author and link to their original post.

A special thanks to for their collaboration. The Distiller app is available for Android or iOS, and it's what we use as a place holder for our reviews on our phones. Because phones.



Legal, the guy who keeps us out of jail, brought this flask of Stillhouse Black Bourbon over during a (cough) business meeting. While the taste was full and plentiful, it was also pointed out that this blended bourbon whiskey is 'Mellowed In Coffee Beans.' Roughly translated, you may experience laying in bed for most of the night without sleep. Considering the price point of $25 (yes, under $30), it's an exceptional deal in a sharply designed package with a nice little kick...especially if you're out of Red Bull. Kudos Stillhouse, you've done it right!


To say that we're drinking as fast as we can to give you more episodes and reviews would be a bit of a stretch (and Legal says no). However, we appreciate that you've shared with us and we hope to have you back as we continue making videos. In the meantime, either one of these two are a fine choice to fill the space between episodes. Be an adult with your adult beverage, but remember you can always come back and act almost like an adult with us.

Jameson Black Reserve Social-001